• Anthony Sharett - Partner
  • Pramila A. Kamath - Associate
  • Melissa Carleton - Associate
  • Dave Conrad - Partner
  • Jenny Nelson Carney - Partner
  • Ali Haque - Associate

"Bricker has provided me with a unique platform to build a national practice in an emerging area of law. This type of support distinguishes Bricker in the market."

Anthony Sharett- Partner
The Ohio State University

At Bricker & Eckler, we take great pride in what defines us and makes us unique among area law firms - our firm culture. We strive to continue our decades-old tradition of fostering a positive work environment, promoting congeniality among attorneys and staff, and ensuring respect for everyone and proper recognition of a job well done. Carrying on this tradition decade after decade makes Bricker & Eckler the law firm it is today.

There is a wealth of great things to say about working at Bricker & Eckler, but the driving factor behind the firm’s success is the outstanding and diverse group of people who work here. Our partners and employees define our fine firm and are the reason we succeed every day.


Lateral Attorneys

At Bricker & Eckler, we support the development of each attorney’s career and we value a diverse background of experience.

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Diversity and Inclusion

At Bricker & Eckler, you'll find we're committed to more than just law. Experience our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

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Summer Associates

If you hope to do more than read documents and write briefs as a Summer Associate, Bricker & Eckler could be the place for you.

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Other Professionals

Whether an attorney or a secretary, a member of management or a member of support staff, Brickerites are considered an equally integral part of our Firm and have an important role to play in the Firm's successes.

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