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We are trusted advisers to both large and small clients, joining legal knowledge and business acumen to strengthen companies and help them ensure a successful future.


Balancing customer needs, global competition, evolving technology and more, today’s corporate leaders must manage their operations skillfully to build and sustain a successful enterprise. Legal considerations demand time and resources every step of the way, whether the company is a technology start-up, a decades-old family business or a publicly held corporation.

Bricker & Eckler’s Business Law attorneys blend market, industry and legal knowledge to help their clients drive progress without compromising their strategy. Because we’ve worked with companies of various sizes and industries, we know that even the smallest transactions and safeguards can be vital to an organization’s future. Having the right connections for all types of businesses, we help our clients access capital, properly structure transactions and protect their future. We take the time to learn about our clients’ businesses and goals so we can properly assess the risks and benefits of each decision they make.

Corporate clients partner with our integrated team throughout their business’s life cycle. From formation to drafting agreements to negotiating deals, we are prepared to ensure all our clients’ transactions – and the actions of their corporate officials – do not conflict with local, state or federal laws. Our attorneys are flexible and incisive, fulfilling both the day-to-day and the complex legal counsel that rising companies need most.

Bricker & Eckler acts as general or special counsel to clients engaged in industrial, commercial, financial, service and nonprofit activities. Among the areas where we excel:

  • Emerging market capitalization and growth strategies
  • Advising the C-suite on the legal and business implications of their decisions
  • Corporate governance (including counsel of boards of directors)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions

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Areas of Focus
Business Transactions

Successful legal transactions are the lifeblood of any business, no matter the industry in which it operates or its size. We assist our clients in structuring such transactions to comply with all applicable state and federal laws, and work with them to meet their business goals within the framework of such laws.

Emerging Market Capitalization

Bricker & Eckler is the emerging business's partner in growth. We highly value our relationships with small and mid-sized businesses and provide entrepreneurs with sound legal advice and guidance that fits a start-up budget. In order to best serve these unique clients, our firm has a multidisciplinary team of attorneys that support growing businesses through a myriad of services – organizational structure, financing and capital-raising efforts, taxation, succession planning, employment, intellectual property, licensing, networking, dispute resolution, and real estate issues, to name a few.

Corporate Governance

Executives and other business leaders look to us to help establish a healthy corporate climate that is protected from noncompliance and litigation through board evaluations, audits of governance practices, strategic planning, board training and board representation. We provide independent legal counsel and assess legal rights and obligations, minimizing the risks associated with the important and often sensitive duties of an executive board.

C-Suite Counsel

To navigate the maze of obligations and challenges today’s C-Suite leaders face, Bricker & Eckler attorneys serve as trusted advisors to ensure compliant, responsible and accountable measures are taken in connection with business decisions. We help anticipate and mitigate risks before they create barriers to success or lead to government or public scrutiny.

SEC Compliance

Business that know and abide by Securities and Exchange Commission requirements are able to flourish in the local, national and global marketplace. Because SEC regulations are continually evolving, Bricker works with publicly held businesses to help ensure they consistently meet SEC requirements and minimize their risk of unfair or fraudulent operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The structure and negotiation of M&A transactions often require the coordination of a variety of legal skills. From small-dollar projects to highly complex public transactions, our attorneys, who have decades of combined merger, acquisition, affiliation and disposition experience, collaborate with our other practice groups to craft agreements that consider all the elements of a successful agreement. This coordinated effort often meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations even when they are involved in the most complex M&A transactions.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Intellectual property is often a company’s most valuable asset and can be an important strategic tool in the marketplace. Our team’s technical background, broad legal and business knowledge and deep experience in evaluating, protecting, enforcing and licensing intellectual property help businesses navigate today’s legal obstacles and safeguard companies while they building a portfolio of intangible resources. Visit our Intellectual Property practice.


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