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The landscape of higher education is evolving rapidly. While colleges and universities are still known as centers for education and research, they have also become major employers, the economic drivers of many communities, sports and entertainment hubs and more. Global competition for the best and brightest students increases with each incoming class. And emerging technologies, shifting social norms, and regulatory and economic changes intensify legal considerations campus-wide.

Because no two institutions are alike, each needs personalized attention. Bricker & Eckler has assembled a skilled team of lawyers who effectively handle both the common and unique legal challenges today’s colleges and universities face. Over the years, we’ve built lasting partnerships with numerous higher education clients, giving them specialized solutions that allow them to focus on their educational missions.

Institutional governance, non-profit exempt status, educational services, Title IX, and campus preservation and expansion are just a few of the areas in which we can offer assistance. 

Types of clients we represent:

  • State universities
  • Independent colleges and universities
  • Community colleges
  • Non-traditional education providers
  • Career/technical schools

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Areas of Focus
Education Law

Colleges and universities must constantly adjust to new statutes and constitutional challenges. Our attorneys frequently deal with issues such as access to student records, student discipline, student civil rights and discrimination. We partner with higher education administrators to help them understand and comply with a variety of federal and state laws related to civil rights, disabilities, collective bargaining, Title IX, campus safety and more. Visit our Education Law practice.

Title IX & Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct is an ongoing hot topic on today’s campuses. The U.S. Department of Education’s recent spotlight on Title IX and the Clery Act pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) makes this a quickly evolving area of law. With a number of attorneys who are experienced with Title IX and sexual misconduct proceedings, we help colleges and universities understand these requirements, put proactive measures in place, and address allegations quickly and effectively by applying experience-based guidance to real-life, rapidly changing situations. Visit our Title IX Resource Center

Government Relations

The attorneys in our Government Relations group frequently help institutions realize their educational mission by advocating legal changes on their behalf. We constantly monitor legislative activity for issues impacting higher education and help our college and university clients take advantage of legislative and regulatory opportunities. Visit our Government Relations practice.

Employment & Labor

Faculty and staff are the lifeblood of a thriving campus. In order to maintain a happy and healthy work environment, colleges and universities must try to minimize employment-related issues and be prepared to handle problems that do arise. From providing guidance on executive and faculty compensation to assisting with union negotiations, our Employment & Labor attorneys collaborate with our Education Law specialists to build proactive plans and creative solutions for administrators. Visit our Employment & Labor practice.

Public Finance

A campus’s success often depends on its ability to obtain funding and manage its resources carefully. Bricker attorneys explore all the legal possibilities, giving higher education leaders viable options for their institution’s development. Over the years, we have served as bond counsel in numerous higher education financings for large public universities, private colleges and universities, and community colleges, including tax-exempt bond financings, taxable financings for private-use facilities, post-issuance compliance, bank financing and construction loans. Visit our Public Finance practice.

Construction Law

To keep up with the active pace of campus life, colleges and universities are constantly engaged in renovation and building projects – many of which are state-of-the-art. Bricker attorneys have represented a number of public and private higher education institutions on all aspects of their construction projects from the preparation of contract documents through litigation, when necessary. Our experience includes multiple prime contractor, general contractor, construction manager at-risk and design/build delivery models that are now available to public as well as private higher education institutions. Visit our Construction Law practice.


As experienced trial lawyers, we know how to prepare to win in the courtroom. We also know that this may not always be the best method to resolve our clients’ cases. Whether the solution is an aggressive motion practice, mediation, arbitration or trial by jury, our goal is to deliver results while preserving precious resources and protecting the important relationships that allow institutions to carry out their educational missions. Some of the areas in which we have experience include discrimination issues, harassment, date-rape, wrongful expulsion, toxic mold liability and ERISA. Visit our Litigation practice.

Real Estate

Colleges and universities must actively seek to both preserve and expand their campuses and surrounding areas. Simultaneously, institutions are under tremendous pressure to modernize and update their facilities. At Bricker & Eckler, we understand these conflicting pressures, and our team of real estate specialists assists our educational clients to obtain bank financing and construction loans, acquire real estate, zoning variances and conservation easements, and handle eminent domain and appropriation actions. Visit our Real Estate practice.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a primary asset to colleges and universities. In order to maximize and preserve value, our attorneys work with institutions to protect trademark, copyright, internet, domain name, unfair competition, joint venture and corporate intellectual property rights. We can also help institutions acquire and license proprietary assets and technology. Visit our Intellectual Property practice.


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Insights & Resources
Resource Center

A collection of documentation related to Title IX issues on college campuses and education environments. For more information, please visit our Title IX Resource Center.

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Laura G. Anthony Partner
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Kimball H. Carey Of Counsel
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Warren I. Grody Senior Attorney
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