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Cybersecurity issues affect every business. These issues will only continue to grow given the rapid development of technology. Compromised personal information can put a company’s reputation – and the company itself – on the line.

Our cybersecurity team members have extensive experience in technology, intellectual property, litigation, health care, labor and employment, financial services, class action defense and business law. We adopt a cross-practice approach to ensure that our counsel is cutting-edge and comprehensive.

Our attorneys advise clients across a broad spectrum of cybersecurity issues. On the front end, we work with clients in a variety of industries to minimize the risk of cyber threats. And in the event of a breach, we have a strong team to protect and defend companies who have experienced a cyber attack.  

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Areas of Focus

Preventive measures are the first line of defense against a data breach. We identify areas of need by analyzing the strength of existing compliance systems, technical controls and procedures.  From there, we create policies and procedures, implement them and conduct training to prevent a breach.

Compliance Advice

All businesses – from health care to finance – are subject to a patchwork of data-related standards. We monitor legislation, regulations and court decisions to ensure that our clients abide by the latest rules. And because hackers tend to be steps ahead of regulators, we stress the importance of understanding all legal facets of online security, even before regulators take action.

Crisis Response

If private information becomes unexpectedly compromised, we respond effectively and rapidly to retain resources and recover lost information. We stand with our clients, walking them through a checklist of actions and considerations to lessen the impact and increase resiliency. Should the media get involved, we facilitate the proper partnerships and assist in crafting a public relations strategy.

Litigation Defense

In the event of cybersecurity-related litigation, we gain control from the start. We are committed to delivering results while conserving our clients’ resources and protecting their most important relationships. In particular, our class action team devises timely and effective defense strategies with the goal of early dismissal.


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