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Economic Development

Collaborating with government entities and private developers to build and implement creative strategies that promote investment, create jobs and enhance communities.


Economic development has the power to transform communities. Whether embarking on a signature, multi-million dollar mixed-use project or rebuilding a treasured historic business district, businesses and government entities can achieve optimal results using Ohio’s many economic development tools. Bricker & Eckler’s Economic Development team helps communities across our state flourish, working with them to understand and to take advantage of these programs.

We partner with government entities, developers and businesses to achieve their unique development objectives. Utilizing the economic development tools that best suit our clients’ strategic goals, we structure and layer resources, connecting our clients with the available financial incentives they need for growth. Our Economic Development team is poised to assist both public and private sector entities by providing cutting-edge financial, regulatory and other consultative solutions. We establish a collaborative environment to link Ohio communities to private commerce.

We provide economic development counsel for projects involving:

  • Creative application of public and private financing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Site selection support
  • State and local permitting
  • Tax incentives
  • Zoning

Specific economic development projects include:

  • Creating tax increment financing and special assessment districts
  • Facilitating cooperative arrangements among political subdivisions and public-private partnerships
  • Establishing and working with communities to maximize community improvement corporations, community reinvestment areas, enterprise zones, joint economic development districts, new community authorities and port authorities

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Areas of Focus
Public Sector

Economic development is an important and historical element of Bricker & Eckler’s relationship with countless government agencies and public entities throughout Ohio. We assist state and local governments with infrastructure finance and negotiations with developers and business owners, with the ultimate goals of creating and retaining jobs, supporting innovation, and stabilizing and improving property values. Visit our Public Sector industry page.

State Tax Counsel

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience with Ohio’s tax structure, we assist companies in navigating the tax implications that affect their operations. Sales and use taxes, the commercial activity tax (CAT) and the pass-through entity tax, including best practices for compliance, are just a few of the tax matters in which we specialize.

Private Sector - Developers

Collaborating with our firm’s national real estate practice, we work closely with real estate developers to meet the short- and long-term goals of a project. As a strategic partner, we identify options to close gaps in the capital stack in order to facilitate important development and redevelopment projects – which sustain and often transform communities.

Private Sector - Business Owners

Supporting entrepreneurial growth, we work with companies to identify and negotiate federal, state and local incentives. We use our comprehensive knowledge of available programs to help businesses both grow and retain jobs – and improve their bottom lines.

Economic Development Compliance Services

Our attorneys guide incentive recipients from start to finish. We begin with negotiation of award requirements, and partner with incentive recipients until all award requirements have been satisfied. For businesses with existing awards, we provide advice regarding outstanding requirements, either in connection with ongoing reporting obligations or in response to any investigation or enforcement actions by the award provider.


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Collaborating with government entities and private developers to build and implement creative strategies that promote investment, create jobs and enhance communities. For more information, please visit our DevelopOhio Resource Center.

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