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Employment & Labor

Employers of all sizes and industries rely on our comprehensive range of services in the complex and ever-changing area of employment law.


Whether partnering with a regional hospital system or a small nonprofit organization, our attorneys are committed to understanding each client’s business in order to provide the insightful employment advice and successful representation for which we are known.

Because of the depth of employment law and its continuously changing nature, employers and their in-house counsel need support when it comes to critical employment matters. Our experience and knowledge in employment law allows the firm to assist our clients with the full spectrum of legal and business issues they may face. Each member of the team offers an in-depth understanding of each specific area of employment law. And our attorneys regularly collaborate with one another, drawing from their collective know-how to get the job done.

Over the years, we’ve built solid relationships with our clients, and we continue to add satisfied employers to the list. Because of our responsiveness, personalized service and desire to form lasting partnerships, our clients put their trust in us, knowing they’ll receive honest and straightforward counsel that has their best interest in mind.

By educating the employers with which we work, anticipating complications and assisting with preventative measures, we help employers maintain a flexible and compliant employment operation to avoid lawsuits and the costly civil penalties that come from noncompliance.

Types of clients we represent:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Colleges and universities
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Hospitals, health systems and health care providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Private businesses
  • Publicly held businesses
  • Retail
  • School districts
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Utilities

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Areas of Focus

Representing more than 100 qualified plans, Bricker & Eckler has substantial experience advising employers who sponsor tax-qualified pension and retirement plans. Our attorneys are involved with the design, qualification and administration of numerous tax-qualified plans with special skill in large, complex pension arrangements. For more information, please visit our Employee Benefits & Pension Plans page.

Employment Counseling

To avoid or limit exposure to employment-related lawsuits, our attorneys regularly counsel management and educate supervisors preventatively. Proactive counseling is designed to avoid litigation and cost-effectively address common issues.

Employment Litigation

When litigation cannot be avoided, our attorneys vigorously defend employers in all phases of employment claims. From discrimination to compliance, our team advises clients through agency investigations, perceived regulation violations, and all state and federal law employment claims brought to court. Visit our Litigation practice.

Executive Compensation

We routinely work with clients to design and implement executive compensation programs, helping boards and committees understand their responsibilities under state corporation law, federal tax laws and federal securities laws. Our attorneys ensure their clients adequately define the components and conditions of their programs to meet their objectives.

Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining

With union participation emerging within a variety of industries, our employment attorneys understand and regularly provide traditional labor services for managers. We work closely with businesses to structure policies and practices designed to maintain a union-free environment.

Our Employment & Labor group has represented both state-funded and self-insured employers before Ohio's workers' compensation system and before Ohio's courts for decades, helping numerous employers control these often significant expenses. For more information, please visit our Workers’ Compensation page.


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Jill K. Bigler Jill K. Bigler Associate
Jill K. Bigler Associate
Diana S. Brown Diana S. Brown Senior Attorney
Diana S. Brown Senior Attorney
Kevin T. Burns Kevin T. Burns Of Counsel
Kevin T. Burns Of Counsel
Justin D. Cook Justin D. Cook Associate
Justin D. Cook Associate
Janet K. Cooper Janet K. Cooper Of Counsel
Janet K. Cooper Of Counsel
Dane A. Gaschen Dane A. Gaschen Partner
Dane A. Gaschen Partner
Katherine Spies Giumenti Katherine Spies Giumenti Partner
Katherine Spies Giumenti Partner
Marie-Joëlle C. Khouzam Marie-Joëlle C. Khouzam Partner
Marie-Joëlle C. Khouzam Partner
Megan Savage Knox Megan Savage Knox Staff Attorney
Megan Savage Knox Staff Attorney
David J. Lampe David J. Lampe Partner
David J. Lampe Partner
Beverly A. Meyer Beverly A. Meyer Of Counsel
Beverly A. Meyer Of Counsel
Susan L. Oppenheimer Susan L. Oppenheimer Senior Attorney
Susan L. Oppenheimer Senior Attorney
James G. Petrie James G. Petrie Partner
James G. Petrie Partner
Meredith W. Shell Meredith W. Shell Associate
Meredith W. Shell Associate
David K. Stein David K. Stein Of Counsel
David K. Stein Of Counsel
Betsy A. Swift Betsy A. Swift Partner
Betsy A. Swift Partner
Sue A. Wetzel Sue A. Wetzel Of Counsel
Sue A. Wetzel Of Counsel

Model Employee Handbook

Developing an employee handbook that complies with state and federal law can be both time and cost intensive, but using Bricker & Eckler’s template can help. Created by our experienced team of Employment & Labor attorneys, the Model Employee Handbook offers employers of emerging Ohio companies a comprehensive template employee handbook and a one-hour consultation with one of Bricker & Eckler’s employment attorneys to customize the handbook.