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Ethics & Lobbying Compliance

Ensuring legal and ethical compliance in political relationship building.


Every public official and employee, lobbyist or corporation should be aware of the ethics laws that govern participation in the political process. These laws regulate gifts, meals and entertainment given to public officials, creating strict limitations and reporting procedures for both the giver and the receiver of these types of incentives. They also ensure no conflicts of interest exist within government matters.

Because even a well-intentioned gift or meal may be scrutinized under Ohio law, it is important for all public officials and private sector representatives to understand what restrictions and reporting requirements exist to monitor such transactions.

Bricker & Eckler’s attorneys work to understand our clients’ goals and strategize the best way to build relationships without compromising the law. We educate clients on these laws and methods of compliance, ensuring that all interactions with public officials are authorized and that no rule is overlooked.

Our Government Relations attorneys provide counsel in the following areas:

  • Educating clients on gift restrictions
  • Ensuring compliance with periodic filing of reports and disclosures
  • Avoiding or resolving conflicts of interest
  • Writing legal opinions regarding conflicts of interest
  • Providing “revolving door” advice to businesses employing former legislative or executive branch officials

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This online resource contains up-to-date information on the Ohio budget for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 as it moves through the Ohio General Assembly. Information on the previous two budget cycles is also available. For more information, please visit our State of Ohio Budget Resource Center.

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