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Executive Agency Advocacy & Compliance


Directed by administrative agencies, executive officials and special purpose boards, executive or administrative compliance is a necessary element of doing business in any industry. Many companies look to Bricker & Eckler’s Government Relations team to help them both influence and fulfill these requirements.

Rulemaking Advocacy

We advocate on behalf of clients before state agencies responsible for drafting, implementing and enforcing administrative rules. When analyzing proposed rules, attorneys in the Government Relations group call upon the experience of the firm’s attorneys practicing in the fields of environmental, utilities, taxation, corporate, workers’ compensation, health care, insurance, banking and financial services, public finance, trusts and estates, litigation, education, technology, employment and labor, OSHA and real estate law. Our attorneys also testify on behalf of clients or will prepare clients to testify directly before administrative agencies and the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.

Administrative Adjudication

Bricker & Eckler represents clients before numerous administrative adjudicatory boards. The firm prepares and files actions, complaints, answers, and various licensure documents and reports with administrative agencies for its clients. Our Government Relations attorneys partner with the firm’s litigation, health care, workers’ compensation, environmental, insurance, OSHA, tax and utility attorneys to advocate successfully on behalf of clients in administrative adjudication forums.

Compliance Programs

We develop comprehensive programs for clients to ensure ongoing compliance with existing state, federal and local administrative rules and regulations. Today’s regulatory environment can be daunting, especially in the areas of environmental, insurance, health care and workers’ compensation law. Our attorneys work with clients to ensure that instances of non-compliance do not occur.


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Resource Centers

This compilation of information about the Ohio legislature includes general resources and overviews of pending and enacted legislation related to the education, energy and environment, public sector, health care and insurance industries. For more information, please visit our 132nd General Assembly 2017-18 Resource Center.

This online resource contains up-to-date information on the Ohio budget for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 as it moves through the Ohio General Assembly. Information on the previous two budget cycles is also available. For more information, please visit our State of Ohio Budget Resource Center.

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