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Government Relations

We provide strategic public policy advice in all areas of local, state and federal government.


Our team blends firsthand knowledge of public policy, election, ethics, regulatory and contracting law with notable government experience and relationships to guide our clients. And we work on a bipartisan basis to ensure that their interests are known and respected by elected and appointed officials of both parties.

Not only does our team of lawyer/lobbyists work on behalf of more than 30 clients before the Ohio General Assembly, state agencies and local governmental entities, we also zealously represent clients without conflict of interest. All communication is protected by the attorney-client privilege, allowing us to provide the highest degree of ethical compliance.

Types of clients we represent:

  • Trade associations and business alliances
  • Construction companies
  • Corporations
  • Financial institutions
  • Health care entities
  • Insurance companies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Political action committees (PACs)
  • Political candidates
  • Private businesses
  • Public officials
  • Publicly held entities
  • School districts

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Areas of Focus
Lobbying & Public Policy

Our registered in-house lawyer/lobbyists have a track record of building clients’ “brands” on Capitol Square by monitoring and analyzing legislation, drafting bills and amendments, and communicating firsthand with legislators and executive branch officials to advance clients’ objectives.

Participation in the political process demands compliance with election and campaign finance laws. From suggesting best practices to preparing reports, we work with corporations, political action committees (PACs), issue committees and candidates to ensure compliant and effective campaigns.

Ethics & Lobbying Compliance

Every company that does business with or is regulated by the government must be aware of conflict of interest, gift and entertainment, travel and revolving door laws. We help our clients build relationships without compromising the law, and we educate them on these laws and methods of compliance, ensuring that all interactions with public officials are authorized. 

Executive Agency Advocacy & Compliance

Whether directed by administrative agencies, executive officials and special purpose boards, we help clients in any industry maintain regulatory compliance. Our attorneys engage in rulemaking advocacy, administrative adjudication and compliance program development to help clients both fulfill and influence these requirements. 

Statewide Ballot Initiatives

Since 2004, our team has been involved in nearly 50 Ohio ballot issues. From reviewing petitions to drafting ballot language to engaging in full strategic campaign planning, we help our clients influence voters.

Public Records & Open Meetings Act

We actively represent clients regarding public records and open meeting laws (the Sunshine Laws), ensuring public records requests are fulfilled promptly, meetings are held legally and violations are resolved when necessary.

We inspect the unique attributes of each public policy case to identify and carry out the best solution for our clients. 

Government Contracting & Procurement

For clients looking to win, keeping or amend a public contract, we help companies evaluate public contracting opportunities and work through any hurdles they might face.

Crisis Communications & Media Relations

In the midst of newsworthy occurrences, media inquiries and circumstances in which the public becomes involved, we help craft a strategic and proactive response plan that maintains a polished reputation and upholds the ethical standards of our client. 


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Resource Centers

This compilation of information about the Ohio legislature includes general resources and overviews of pending and enacted legislation related to the education, energy and environment, public sector, health care and insurance industries. For more information, please visit our 132nd General Assembly 2017-18 Resource Center.

This online resource contains up-to-date information on the Ohio budget for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 as it moves through the Ohio General Assembly. Information on the previous two budget cycles is also available. For more information, please visit our State of Ohio Budget Resource Center.

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