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Because health care is one of the most regulated industries in the U.S., health care providers must tirelessly navigate the patchwork of state and federal regulations that governs nearly all aspects of their operations. From insurance reimbursement to the administration of medications to referrals, administrators must ensure their facilities and their staffs avoid the traps of noncompliance in both day-to-day operations and long-term strategies.

To keep our clients up-to-date with the frequent changes to the health care landscape, our attorneys are constantly monitoring statutes, regulations and rules set by governing bodies. We not only inform our clients of any changes, but also help them understand the effects these changes might have on current operations. We also help clients predict and prepare for the enactment of any major health care laws, minimizing the cost and impact of regulatory shifts.

When it comes to advocating and helping to shape health care policies in the state of Ohio, no law firm is more involved than Bricker & Eckler. With substantial regulatory insight and the ability to lobby on our clients’ behalf, we advocate before all applicable legislative, regulatory and administrative bodies to further the goals that are most important to our clients. 

Some of the regulatory topics with which we have relevant experience include:

  • False Claims Act
  • Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Stark Act
  • Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
  • 340B Drug Pricing Program (see our "Complex Balance of 340B Compliance" info sheet)
  • Corporate governance
  • Clinical research
  • Change of Ownership
  • Tax and tax exemption issues
  • Acquisition and disposition of health care entities
  • Publicly owned hospitals and health systems

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Resource Center

The HIPAA Resource Center provides links to the statutes, regulations and various other HIPAA related resources, as well as our subscription HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance and Audit Program. For more information, please visit our HIPAA Resource Center.

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HIPAA Compliance and Audit Program

The HIPAA Compliance and Audit Program is a comprehensive on-line program for complying with the HIPAA privacy, security and breach regulations, including the provisions of the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Rules issued in January, 2013.

Provider-Based Compliance Program

The Quality Management Consulting Group (QMCG), in conjunction with Bricker & Eckler, has developed this program to help hospitals identify all areas of provider-based compliance and to give you the tools you need to be and remain in compliance. Through this resource, you are able to put together an attestation to submit to CMS if desired.