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HIPAA & Health Information Technology

We address the legal and technological factors of maintaining the privacy and security of all patient records. 


In what have become dominating topics in health care law, the protection of patient privacy and the security of patient records are more important than ever before. Especially with the proliferation of technology-based electronic health records, health care facilities have been well-publicized victims of data breach and identity theft with costly consequences involving patient lawsuits and noncompliance penalties.

Since HIPAA’s enactment in 1996, Bricker & Eckler has been a nationwide leader in providing comprehensive legal services related to the statute. And when the HITECH Act, containing major changes to HIPAA, was signed into law in 2009 and revised through 2013, we stood at the forefront of addressing health information issues whose regulations were evolving.

For years, our attorneys have counseled our clients through the implementation of electronic health record (EHR) technology and the protection of their patients’ data. While these systems present health care entities with significant operational and financial benefits, they also pose a number of unique legal challenges. Whether obtaining incentive payments for the “meaningful use” of health records, complying with all applicable statutes and regulations, maintaining the confidentiality of health information or developing health information exchanges, we have experienced attorneys and nationally recognized resources to help our clients achieve their privacy and security goals. 

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Resource Center

The HIPAA Resource Center provides links to the statutes, regulations and various other HIPAA related resources, as well as our subscription HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance and Audit Program. For more information, please visit our HIPAA Resource Center.

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Chris Bennington Partner
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James F. Flynn Managing Partner
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Allen R. Killworth Partner
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Jennifer Nelson Carney Partner
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Diane M. Signoracci Partner
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Karen D. Smith Of Counsel
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Elisabeth A. Squeglia Partner
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Claire Turcotte Partner
HIPAA Compliance and Audit Program

The HIPAA Compliance and Audit Program is a comprehensive on-line program for complying with the HIPAA privacy, security and breach regulations, including the provisions of the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Rules issued in January, 2013.

HIPAA Regulations Section-by-Section

This comprehensive HIPAA resource helps to interpret privacy and security regulations in one convenient location and an easy to review format. Information is updated periodically with amendments to the regulations, as well as new guidance issued by HHS, as they become available.