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Our national practice blends broad insurance knowledge and legal acumen with valuable industry relationships, helping our clients reach their goals.


Bricker’s representation of insurance companies and trade associations has established the firm as one of the most highly regarded in the industry. With extensive knowledge of insurance law and a vast network of industry relationships, we have built an esteemed national practice.

Today’s insurance industry is undergoing unprecedented evolution. Those who are successful in seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges know that choosing the right advisers can make all the difference. From litigation and the political and regulatory landscape to compliance and transactional matters, we leverage understanding of state and federal laws and domestic and international industry trends to give strategic and trustworthy guidance.

Clients we represent include:

  • Stock and mutual companies
  • Property and casualty writers
  • Life and annuity companies
  • Supplemental health insurers
  • Specialty “limited lines” insurers
  • Trade associations

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Areas of Focus
Lobbying & Regulatory

Through our longstanding representation of property casualty and life insurance companies and their respective trade organizations, our lawyer/lobbyists have established excellent working relationships with legislators, regulators, insurers, and leading inside and outside insurance counsel in Ohio and throughout the U.S. We influence policy proposals and promote good corporate governance through our involvement with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies and the Association of Life Insurance Counsel. Over the past 30 years, we have been involved in virtually every major legislative and regulatory issue relating to the insurance industry in Ohio, helping to shape the laws impacting insurers that conduct business in the state. We have a continuing presence at the Ohio Statehouse and with the Ohio Department of Insurance as a premier law firm for lobbying and regulatory compliance. With intimate knowledge of a broad range of insurance laws, regulations and regulatory interpretations, we advise our clients in all types of interactions with state insurance regulators. Some of our noteworthy involvement includes enactment of tort reform, advocating for asbestos and anti-STOLI legislation, revisions to uninsured and underinsured motorists statutes, consideration of Ohio’s Own Risk and Solvency Assessment, amendments to the Model Holding Company Act, revisions to Ohio’s insurance company investment laws and credit for reinsurance requirements. Visit our Government Relations practice.

Insurance Litigation

Bricker & Eckler has a national practice in insurance and financial products litigation. Our trial team has worked with insurance companies in more than 25 states — from California to Texas to Maine — in a wide range of matters, including agent lawsuits, premium tax class actions, insurance product litigation, financial product litigation, carrier-on-carrier disputes and appeals. On broader industry issues, the firm has represented the interests of insurers and insurance associations, filing amicus curiae briefs on behalf of the American Insurance Association, the Ohio Self-Insurers Association, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, the Ohio Association of Life Insurance Companies, the Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice and the Ohio Insurance Institute. We have also represented national broker-dealer firms and associated persons in more than 60 arbitration proceedings before the Financial Institution Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Visit our Litigation practice and our Class Action Defense page.

Corporate Transactions

A key component of our representation is assisting clients in structuring their businesses and the transactions in which they engage to comply with applicable laws and grow new opportunities. Insurance clients look to us when making important strategic decisions, including company formation and admission; mergers, acquisitions and affiliations; reorganization; rehabilitation; and even liquidation. Most importantly, we ensure our clients build compliant insurance programs that meet rapidly changing requirements. Whether facing agent licensure and appointment issues, product and rate filings, marked conduct examinations and other state regulatory investigations or taxation issues, our attorneys are a valuable resource to clients.


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