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Intellectual Property

Trademark, copyright and patent attorneys helping clients build and protect their intangible assets.


Intellectual property (IP) is a valuable asset and strategic tool in the competitive marketplace. With experience navigating the obstacles and opportunities associated with IP law, Bricker & Eckler attorneys develop tailored legal solutions to safeguard and leverage these resources. We collaborate with inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and other companies across the globe to evaluate, license, protect and enforce IP. Clients in a variety of industries value our team’s technical background and legal and business knowledge.


A strong brand requires protection. And, thanks to the Lanham Act, companies of all types and sizes can use the law to safeguard their name, slogan, logo, packaging, trade dress and more. Whether registering a trademark at the state or federal level or conducting trademark clearance, we help our clients take a proactive and strategic approach to trademark compliance from the start. Likewise, in both infringement enforcement and defense, we are an experienced partner, ensuring common law rights are not abused nor violated.


From software code to website content, maintaining control over the use and distribution of original work is key to a successful business strategy. We assist in the initial copyright registration, as well as infringement enforcement to ensure control is maintained. And to optimize the value of copyrighted work, we manage transactional arrangements involving copyrights, including the assignment of ownership and licensing.


There are many avenues and obstacles when managing inventions and ideas. Especially in the area of technology (including software, information technology, mechanical and electromechanical assets), our team is experienced in patent registration, clearance, litigation and other related transactions. Because filing for and defending a patent often requires a significant investment, our goal is to provide honest and practical counsel that stewards our clients’ time and resources.

Internet Issues

To protect web-based assets, we file and defend domain name disputes, investigate online copyright infringement and send takedown notices on behalf of our clients. We also perform an ongoing review and analysis of websites and advise clients on best practices for establishing privacy policies and procedures designed to protect proprietary information. In the event of a privacy breach or security issue, we partner with our clients to quickly address the loss of consumer, financial and health data, while taking measures to prevent recurrence.

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