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An innovative, strategic and efficient team helping clients achieve their litigation objectives.


We know that each case is unique and requires an individualized approach. We also know that litigation can threaten resources and relationships. Bricker & Eckler’s sizeable team of litigators understands these dynamics and uses experience to guide clients in a strategic and focused direction. When our clients face the uncertainty of litigation, our job is to understand their business, consider immediate and long-term goals and craft the best possible solution.

While we know what it takes to be successful in the courtroom, we also understand that a trial may not always be the best method to resolve a case. Whether the solution is an aggressive motion practice, mediation, arbitration or trial by jury, we are committed to delivering results while conserving our clients’ resources and protecting their most important relationships.

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Areas of Focus

Bricker & Eckler defends financial institutions of all sizes in a variety of litigation proceedings, including consumer finance litigation, CFPB and other regulatory enforcement actions, bankruptcy proceedings, residential contested foreclosures, class actions and litigation management across multiple jurisdictions. Our clients look to us for strategic and focused counsel when facing federal and state statutory causes of action, as well as common law claims. Recognizing and understanding the interface between consumer financial services litigation and bankruptcy claims, we often collaborate with our bankruptcy attorneys to maximize the defenses and litigation options available to clients. For more information, please visit our Banking & Financial Services Litigation page.

Insurance Industry Litigation

Bricker & Eckler maintains a national practice in insurance and financial products litigation. Our trial team works with insurance companies in more than 25 states — from California to Texas to Maine — in a wide range of matters, including agent lawsuits, premium tax class actions, insurance product litigation, financial product litigation, carrier-on-carrier disputes and appeals. Visit our Insurance industry page.

Our health care litigation team is uniquely qualified to handle medical negligence and wrongful death claims for hospitals, physicians and other medical providers. Not only do the attorneys at Bricker & Eckler have extensive experience defending medical claims in the courtroom, whether they are conducting a jury trial, arguing to various appellate courts or arguing before the Ohio Supreme Court, but they also have immediate access to the substantive experience of the Health Care group. We are able to provide among the most comprehensive representation of hospitals and medical providers available anywhere in Ohio. For more information, please visit our Health Care Litigation page.

Oil & Gas Litigation

Bricker & Eckler has a proven track record of successfully resolving oil and gas disputes on behalf of clients. Our team has experience in various types of oil and gas litigation matters, including eminent domain proceedings, appellate work before Ohio’s intermediate appellate courts and the Ohio Supreme Court, mineral rights ownership disputes, oil and gas lease disputes, coal and pipeline company disputes, nuisance and trespass claims involving water supply or property contamination, and class action litigation matters involving energy companies. Visit our Oil & Gas industry page.

Our commercial litigation practice spans a broad spectrum of clients and industries. We partner with clients to address even the most complex issues and keep their businesses running smoothly. From contracts and insurance to regulatory investigations and fraud, our skilled attorneys consider every possible method of resolving a dispute, protecting the interests of their clients and the business relationships they depend on to thrive. For more information, please visit our Commercial Litigation page.

No two class action cases are alike, yet each can pose a significant threat to key business practices or even to the business itself. Having successfully defended class action claims in state and federal courts for more than twenty years, our class action attorneys work seamlessly with the firm’s other practice groups to offer tailored advice to clients in a variety of industries. Our team is especially known for its ability to devise effective defense strategies that result in the dismissal of many cases before class certification and discovery occur. For more information, please visit our Class Action Defense page.

Appellate Advocacy

Appealing a decision can be even more demanding than trial. Because appellate decisions not only impact the case at hand, but also the development of the law, an effective appeal requires critical review and analysis of the record and a concise yet compelling written brief and oral argument. Bricker & Eckler’s appellate lawyers are known for their skill and experience in preparing and executing effective challenges in both federal and state appellate courts. The Ohio State Bar Association has certified members of our Litigation team as specialists in appellate law.

Fiduciary Litigation

When representing a fiduciary in litigation proceedings, we understand that a successful outcome requires not only the experience and persuasive abilities of counsel, but also a detailed, technical command of the various areas of law that govern fiduciaries. Drawing from the firm’s experience in trust and estate law, taxation, nonprofit law, corporate law, banking law and traditional litigation, our attorneys represent clients effectively in all types of disputes.


The complexity and volume of information retained by today’s corporations and institutions has greatly affected the discovery process. Bricker & Eckler provides practical, cost-effective and defensible advice to our clients. We help them develop procedures and manage discovery and investigations in a manner than satisfies legal obligations while fully advancing their interests.

Securities Litigation & FINRA Arbitration

Our attorneys represent broker-dealers, registered representatives and financial institutions in a broad range of customer and industry disputes, including litigation in state and federal courts throughout Ohio and arbitrations across the country before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). These services are particularly valuable for FINRA member companies that are engaged in the sale of regulated products. We also represent broker-dealers and insurers of securities in administrative and enforcement proceedings and advocate the interests of insurers on important policy issues.


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Elyse H. Akhbari Associate
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Jonathan T. Brollier Partner
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Aaron M. Bruggeman Associate
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Noorjahan Rahman Associate
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Nelson M. Reid Partner
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James P. Schuck Of Counsel
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Sommer L. Sheely Partner
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Bobbie S. Sprader Partner
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David K. Stein Of Counsel
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Craig E. Sweeney Of Counsel