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Offering solid experience, a strong industry-wide network and legal agility to address the specific needs of manufacturers.


Manufacturing remains the bedrock of the American economy. Yet constant shifts in the legal and regulatory landscape challenge manufacturers on virtually every front.

To address these evolving challenges, Bricker & Eckler combines current information, long-term industry experience, a strong network of connections and legal agility to stay ahead of change, helping businesses prosper in a complex environment. Our attorneys seek to understand the goals and aspirations of our manufacturing clients, working to identify and meet the most important objectives in every situation.

Bricker’s dedication to the manufacturing industry is solidly grounded in our representation of the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA). We serve as the general counsel to the OMA and several of its committees. Our partnership with the OMA gives us insight into the unique legal needs of manufacturers.

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Areas of Focus
Environmental Law

Environmental regulations continuously alter the way companies conduct business. Whether embarking on the development of a new facility or looking to stay compliant with all environmental regulations, manufacturers can trust Bricker’s attorneys to guide them through complex compliance processes related to siting and permitting, environmental due diligence, EPA regulations and more. From start-up to clean-up, we have successfully navigated the environmental considerations of a variety of projects. Visit our Energy, Environment & Utilities practice.

Energy Law

Energy is one of the biggest expenses for manufacturers, yet most companies are unaware of money-saving opportunities available through unique Ohio regulations and special arrangements with utility companies. Our energy lawyers are leaders in helping companies take advantage of energy policies that can make their businesses more competitive. The purchase, sale and delivery of energy, renewable energy, onsite generation of energy, and oil and gas leasing are just some of the areas in which we specialize. Visit our Energy, Environment & Utilities practice.

Real Estate

Growing companies need experienced counsel with a strong knowledge of real estate law. From simple purchases and sales to complex development projects involving the coordination of multiple parties and numerous sources of financing, our real estate team offers a complete menu of national-scope services to our manufacturing clients. We excel in several areas of acquisition and development law, including complex private development projects as well as public-private collaborations. Visit our Real Estate practice.

Business Law

Working collectively, Bricker’s Business Law attorneys advise on every phase of the growth cycle: financing, licensing, commercial agreements, public and private securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, day-to-day operations and corporate governance. We operate flexibly and collaboratively and can support in-house legal counsel, consult with local counsel on complex matters or serve as outside general counsel for companies with smaller in-house legal staffs. Visit our Business Law practice.


Understanding the intricacies of the manufacturing industry, our highly experienced trial team knows that each case is different. Whether the solution is an aggressive motion practice, mediation, arbitration, bench trial or trial by jury, our goal is to deliver results while preserving precious resources and protecting important relationships. Visit our Litigation practice.

State & Local Tax

Due to the industry’s capital-intensive nature, manufacturers are exposed to taxation at every level of government. Bricker’s veteran tax attorneys help clients remain compliant, while minimizing the impact of taxes on their bottom line. We work with representatives from manufacturing businesses to plan for the tax implications of proposed transactions, stay up-to-date with compliance procedures, resolve any controversies related to state and local taxation, and work through tax abatements, credits and other non-tax incentives. Visit our Taxation practice.

Economic Development & Project Financing

Our attorneys partner with manufacturers to identify and negotiate incentives and other entitlements for new projects, including expansions of existing facilities. Finding creative financing structures to close funding gaps, members of our Economic Development and Public Finance groups work together to help clients acquire the resources they need. Some examples include financings that capture additional revenue streams, like tax increment financing, and ones that create sales tax savings on the purchase of building materials for construction. Visit our Economic Development practice.

Employment & Labor

Bricker’s manufacturing clients appreciate our attorneys’ strong management perspective when addressing workforce issues. Understanding the immense cost of labor and the importance of minimizing these costs, we work with clients of every size to help them stay in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations – while providing a safe working environment and the needed level of benefits to stay competitive and attract a qualified workforce. Visit our Employment & Labor practice.

Government Relations

Legislative and regulatory actions directly impact manufacturers, both helping and hindering business goals. When manufacturers are confronted with one or more of these challenges, Bricker’s Government Relations attorneys use firsthand knowledge of election, ethics, lobbying and contracting law to guide clients in building a sound strategy. Our longstanding service to companies, associations and coalitions, especially the Ohio Manufacturer’s Association, has earned us an effective voice with legislators and regulators on our clients’ behalf. Visit our Government Relations practice.


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