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Helping improve quality of life through bonds and finance options that support health, safety, education, energy and economic development.


Since its founding, Bricker & Eckler has participated in numerous projects that enhance our communities and support economic growth. Over the course of these projects, the firm has been recognized by the state and its various political subdivisions, as well as by the underwriting community, as a law firm with a national caliber bond counsel opinion. We excel in both routine and complex financial transactions. Our list of clients continues to grow based on the favorable recommendations of the many public officials we have represented.

We represent the state, cities, counties, school districts, libraries and colleges in seeking the most economical and efficient ways to finance their capital programs. From clients who are contemplating a bond financing for the first time to those who are frequent issuers, we supply comprehensive advice that begins with the preliminary planning stage, continues through the process of committee meetings, board meetings and council meetings, and culminates after the capital has been secured.

Bricker & Eckler’s Public Finance group is known for developing innovative financing structures, and several members have actively participated in the drafting of statutory and constitutional provisions that govern bond finance in Ohio. Additionally, our lawyers are listed in the “red book” of bond counsel, the standard reference source used by underwriters and other purchasers of securities.

Our attorneys also routinely work on many other types of structured finance transactions, and we are experienced in documenting and structuring financings involving both public and private entities.

We frequently handle the following matters:

  • Election proceedings for voted levies, bond issues and charter questions
  • Tax and revenue anticipatory notes
  • Taxable and tax-exempt leases
  • Capital financings
  • Private purpose bond financings
  • Structured finance transactions
  • Tax-exempt organizations

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Areas of Focus
School Bond Finance & Levy Planning

Bricker & Eckler helps school districts obtain and maintain the resources they need to run flourishing educational hubs. Whether financing new facilities or assisting with levy planning, our attorneys support effective public finance strategies. Our experience includes bond and note issuances and tax levies, as well as lease-purchase arrangements, collaborative agreements, protection of assessed valuation, tax abatement and exemption issues, booster and foundation support, and more.

Municipal/County/Township Bond Finance

Our attorneys have always worked with representatives from political subdivisions to supply their citizens with the infrastructure and services they need. And serving as bond counsel has been a key component of Bricker & Eckler's foundation since the firm’s inception. We routinely serve as bond counsel, underwriter's counsel, trustee counsel, issuer's counsel and/or company counsel in financings ranging from large general obligation and revenue bond issues to small bond issues on behalf of public entities throughout the state.

State of Ohio & State Agency Finance

Our firm’s history of supporting the State of Ohio and its agencies runs deep. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the State’s fiscal processes and have worked with public officials for decades to provide the funds that keep our state running. From job-creating programs to bond and note issuances, we help Ohio’s government entities both create and use the financial tools that optimize our state’s resources.

Economic Development Finance

Several financing tools are available to help public entities jumpstart economic growth. We work with governments to acquire the resources they need to create and maintain jobs through special programs established by Ohio law. Tax increment financing and joint economic development districts are just a few of our specialties; we’ve worked with numerous cities, counties, villages and more to find creative and realistic funding options.

Energy Finance & PACE

Serving as bond counsel for the first-ever property assessed clean energy (PACE) bonds issued in Ohio, Bricker & Eckler is a trailblazer in helping public entities uniquely finance energy-related projects. A properly structured financing transaction can provide capital to municipalities, school districts, counties, townships and port authorities without impacting certain local debt limitations. Property owners who take advantage of these funding opportunities may use the money to update existing office buildings or warehouses or acquire an alternative energy source, like solar panels or wind turbines.

Health Care Finance

Our attorneys have current, cutting-edge knowledge in all areas of finance across the spectrum of the health care industry. Whether embarking on new initiatives or rethinking existing capital structures, our health care clients admire our ability to research and follow through with complex transactions. We leverage our experience in public finance, tax, health, securities, charitable trust, creditor’s rights and contract law to find creative fiduciary options within the regulatory and legal parameters that exist in this booming industry.

Library Bond Finance & Levy Planning

Public libraries are an important catalyst of learning and growth in our communities. Libraries’ continued success is dependent on the funds they obtain. Whether borrowing money from note or bond issuance or raising money through a voter-approved levy, Bricker’s Public Finance team can offer guidance through all stages of the process. Having partnered with dozens of libraries across the state, we bring well-rounded experience to any library’s next financial matter.


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