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Education (Pre-K to 12)

Empowering educational institutions with smart, innovative and practical solutions throughout all stages of learning.


Balancing the needs of students, employees and the community at large is no easy task. In order to provide a safe, supportive learning environment, in addition to a healthy and enjoyable workplace, schools must have proactive plans in place and strategically solve issues when they occur.

From the first day of school to graduation and beyond, Bricker & Eckler’s Education attorneys are intimately familiar with the challenges facing today’s schools. Addressing everything from facility needs to student issues to employee relations, we have built valuable partnerships with Pre-K to 12 schools, career and technical schools, and colleges and universities throughout Ohio. We understand resource constraints and work diligently to optimally meet our clients’ goals – the most important of which is to create a place where learning can flourish.

Bricker & Eckler has the largest and most comprehensive education law practice in the state. Additionally, we are Ohio’s leader in public sector law. We represent a wide range of education clients, including well over 200 public school districts and numerous educational service centers. Yet, despite our size, our services are tailored to our clients’ needs, and our accessibility and responsiveness is unmatched.

Types of clients we represent:

  • K-12 schools
  • Career/technical schools
  • Community schools
  • Education service centers
  • Information technology centers

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Areas of Focus
Education Law

Schools face a complex maze of legal requirements and the challenges to comply continue to escalate as resources become scarcer. Against this backdrop, Bricker & Eckler offers a proven array of cost-effective legal services designed to support schools’ goals. Our education attorneys have extensive experience in collective bargaining, employee misconduct, board policy development, discrimination claims, student discipline, special education, personnel and employee matters, district sponsored community schools, public records/sunshine law, and more. Visit our Education Law practice.

Public Finance

Bricker & Eckler helps schools obtain and maintain the resources they need to thrive. Whether initiating new programs or solving issues within existing ones, our attorneys assist with effective revenue generation strategies. Our experience includes bond and note issuances and tax levies, as well as lease-purchase arrangements, collaborative agreements, foundation programs, protection of assessed valuation, tax abatement and exemption issues, and more. Visit our Public Finance practice.

Construction Law

Bricker & Eckler’s Construction group devotes a significant portion of its time to construction plans involving school projects of all sizes. We work with district administrators to identify and define the statutory requirements applicable to each project, beginning with an analysis of the benefits and risks of the various project delivery models available to school districts and the applicable parameters to selecting project professionals. We remain available throughout the project to provide guidance with regard to any issues that may arise during design, construction, close-out, claims and post-occupancy. Visit our Construction Law practice.


Bricker & Eckler represents schools, school districts, boards of education, and education associations to minimize the effects of complex legal issues. As experienced trial lawyers, we know how to prepare to win in the courtroom. We also know that this may not always be the best method to resolve our clients’ cases. Whether the solution is an aggressive motion practice, mediation, arbitration or trial by jury, our goal is to deliver results while preserving precious resources and protecting the important relationships that allow schools to carry out their educational missions. Visit our Litigation practice.

Real Estate

Bricker & Eckler provides a full range of real estate law services to schools and education clients. From acquisition, eminent domain, annexation, financing and development to investment, leasing and sales, our team assists in all aspects of real estate dealings – and with all the details these transactions entail. Because our real estate attorneys are supported by the firm’s other practice groups, clients also benefit from our tax, construction and financing experience, to name just a few areas with which we typically collaborate. Visit our Real Estate practice.


Protecting tax income is important to any school’s future. Bricker & Eckler’s taxation specialists frequently represent school districts before county boards of revision, the Board of Tax Appeals and the Supreme Court of Ohio in disputes related to the valuation of real property. For more than a decade, we have also had first-hand involvement in DeRolph vs. State, contributing to our deep understanding of school funding. Visit our Taxation practice.

Employment & Labor

Teachers and school employees are the lifeblood of a thriving institution. In order to maintain a happy and healthy work environment, administrators must try to minimize employment-related issues and be prepared to handle problems that do arise. From providing guidance on compensation and assisting with union negotiations to addressing common issues facing school district employers in the workers’ compensation system, our Employment & Labor attorneys collaborate with our Education Law specialists to build proactive plans and creative solutions to keep employees focused on the classroom and out of the courtroom. Visit our Employment & Labor practice.

Government Relations

To ensure compliant and effective participation in legislative activities, members of Bricker’s Government Relations group work with schools, school districts and boards of education to develop and execute an effective advocacy plan. Whether lobbying for legislative change or taking an issue to the ballot, schools that work with Bricker have a partner to help ensure their students’ and employees’ best interests are heard. Visit our Government Relations practice.


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Resource Centers

This landmark case, which took place from 1991 to 2003, plays a critical role in the way schools are funded. Because Bricker & Eckler represented the plaintiff's in this case, a detailed timeline and related information is available, describing this important decision. For more information, please visit our DeRolph v. State of Ohio Resource Center.

A collection of documentation related to Title IX issues on college campuses and education environments. For more information, please visit our Title IX Resource Center.

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Special Education Training Videos

The Bricker & Eckler Education Law team brings special education issues to life through informative, entertaining and memorable training videos. Each video depicts a special education team meeting involving challenging legal issues and common compliance blunders. Through the expert leadership of the district representative and the narrator comments, the videos illustrate effective — and not so effective — techniques and provide practical tips and guidance on how to avoid common legal mistakes.