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Providing technology businesses and software companies with the legal resources they need to thrive in the marketplace.


Bricker & Eckler’s technology practice focuses on technology-based businesses and companies using or commercializing software or other technology. Companies and entrepreneurs look to us when they are raising capital and engaging in business deals with their technology and intellectual property (IP) assets. We work with our clients to protect, acquire and license proprietary assets and technology. And if a dispute arises, our litigation attorneys resolve the issues.

Our attorneys understand the fast pace of this industry and provide innovative solutions to a wide variety of clients, serving their finance, e-commerce, IP licensing, cyber security and other internet legal needs. Some of our specific services include the following:

  • Capital-raising while complying with SEC and state law requirements
  • Internet and e-commerce service provider agreements
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and other licensing agreements
  • Application development and hosting contracts
  • Terms and conditions of use for online businesses
  • Data protection, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

Additionally, our team assists with establishing privacy and security policies and procedures designed to protect proprietary information. We address the loss of consumer, financial and health data, along with other privacy breaches. We also draft key employment obligations relating to the ownership of IP, confidentiality of trade secrets and non-compete restrictions.

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Areas of Focus
Business Law

Because we’ve worked with a variety of technology companies, we know that even the smallest transactions and safeguards can be vital to an organization. Having the right connections throughout all stages of business growth, we help our clients access capital, properly structure transactions and protect their future. We take the time to learn about our clients’ businesses and goals, so we can properly assess the risks and benefits of each decision they make. Visit our Business Law practice.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is often a technology company’s most valuable asset and can be an important strategic tool in the marketplace. Our team’s technical background, broad legal and business knowledge and deep experience in evaluating, protecting, enforcing and licensing intellectual property help businesses navigate today’s legal obstacles and safeguard companies while they build a portfolio of intangible resources. Visit our Intellectual Property practice.


In an era of data breach, identification theft and cyber threats, having a well-developed cybersecurity strategy is a must-have for any business – especially those in the health care industry. Our intimate knowledge of this evolving area of law allows us to provide practical and cost-effective advice to clients who want to minimize cyber risk. Visit our Cybersecurity practice.

Health Care Law

Many of our existing technology clients serve the healthcare industry, making our extensive knowledge of health care law a valuable tool for them. From HIPAA compliance to billing and coding requirements, we provide advice that spans industries and practice areas, giving our clients the comprehensive and multifaceted counsel they need. Visit our Health Care practice.

Government Relations

Our skilled Government Relations team connects technology businesses and software companies to the legislative, administrative and regulatory opportunities that support their goals. Our attorneys use firsthand knowledge of complex election, ethics, lobbying and contracting law to build productive relationships with officials and advocate on behalf of clients’ public policy interests. Visit our Government Relations practice.


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