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Resource Centers

The HIPAA Resource Center provides links to the statutes, regulations and various other HIPAA related resources, as well as our subscription HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance and Audit Program. For more information, please visit our HIPAA Resource Center.

This resource center sets forth the statutes, regulations and other documentation regarding Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse. Information includes the Stark anti-referral requirements and general anti-kickback information. For more information, please visit our Medicare/Medicaid Fraud & Abuse Resource Center.

A collection of documentation related to Title IX issues on college campuses and education environments. For more information, please visit our Title IX Resource Center.

The enormous potential of shale in Ohio and its contiguous states is creating a regional oil and gas “gold rush." This resource center includes a comprehensive array of resources discussing the opportunities, challenges and complexities associated with development of the Utica and Marcellus Shale. For more information, please visit our Shale Resource Center.

This online resource contains up-to-date information on the Ohio budget for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 as it moves through the Ohio General Assembly. Information on the previous two budget cycles is also available. For more information, please visit our State of Ohio Budget Resource Center.

Collaborating with government entities and private developers to build and implement creative strategies that promote investment, create jobs and enhance communities. For more information, please visit our DevelopOhio Resource Center.

This compilation of information about the Ohio legislature includes general resources and overviews of pending and enacted legislation related to the education, energy and environment, public sector, health care and insurance industries. For more information, please visit our 132nd General Assembly 2017-18 Resource Center.

Bricker & Eckler is a leader in property assessed clean energy (PACE) Financing and its implementation in Ohio. PACE laws allows property owners to borrow money through governmental loans or bonds to pay for energy improvements to their properties. The resource center explains energy SIDs and PACE financing and demonstrates how these tools can help local governments, industries, businesses or homeowners how to achieve their green energy goals. For more information, please visit our PACE Financing Resource Center.

This landmark case, which took place from 1991 to 2003, plays a critical role in the way schools are funded. Because Bricker & Eckler represented the plaintiff's in this case, a detailed timeline and related information is available, describing this important decision. For more information, please visit our DeRolph v. State of Ohio Resource Center.


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When a natural gas distributor engaged in the development of a multi-billion-dollar, interstate pipeline, Bricker & Eckler customized an impressive content management system to keep the project on track.

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