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February 16, 2012

Ohio Governor Creates Office of Workforce Transformation and Executive Workforce Board

Ohio Governor John Kasich recently signed Executive Order 2012-02K, creating the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation (OWT) and the Governor’s Executive Workforce Board, in addition to appointing an executive director to oversee the OWT. The governor’s order assigns the OWT the responsibility of coordinating and streamlining the state’s workforce development functions. Specifically, the OWT will serve as a single point of entry for those seeking either training (individuals) or skilled employees (businesses). Key directives for the OWT include:

  • Coordinating and aligning workforce policies, programs, and resources across state government;
  • Determining the best deployment of state and federal workforce resources and directing how those resources are utilized;
  • Establishing an effective state and local workforce data collection system along with performance measures;
  • Reviewing federal laws and rules that limit state discretion over the use of federal workforce funds and recommending changes to pursue with federal officials; and
  • Convening and leading an interagency team of representatives comprised of staff from cabinet agencies, boards, and commissions that will provide information and input to support the OWT.

Additionally, the newly established Governor’s Executive Workforce Board, which replaces the Governor’s Workforce Policy Advisory Board, will oversee the implementation of the state’s new workforce development system and advise the governor and the OWT with recommendations for improvement. Particularly, the board’s powers and duties include reviewing data, recommending procedures for improving programs, providing guidance on funding levels for programs, and any additional duties requested by the governor and the OWT.

Executive Order 2012-02K became effective on February 9, 2012, immediately upon signature of the governor. Rich Frederick, the governor’s assistant policy director for workforce development, was appointed to serve as executive director of the OWT.

If you have questions about the OWT or the Executive Workforce Board, contact Gregory Lestini.



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