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From the backyard to the board room, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), better known as drones, have drastically increased in popularity. While they originally became known for recreational purposes, drones are being considered by major corporations and small businesses alike for their transportation capability, bird's-eye view and low cost. Versatile machines, drones are taking center stage as valuable tools for a variety of industries — from utilities to consumer goods.

As drone usage increases, so do the legal concerns surrounding these autonomous, sky-bound devices. Though state, including Ohio, and federal legislatures have initiated regulatory discussions surrounding UAS activity, the future of commercial drone use is uncertain. Who can operate these devices? Will new laws permit commercial usage? How will regulations be enforced? Because of the outdated nature of current Federal Aviation Administration regulations, clarity to drone regulation is on the horizon and is expected to significantly impact businesses and industries across the globe.

Greg Lestini quoted in Columbus Business First article about drone usage for businesses

As the business uses for drones increase, so do the legal obstacles faced by companies hoping to integrate this form of technology into their operations.

Construction drone use article by Michael Katz featured on

Bricker construction attorney Michael Katz recently highlighted several unique uses of drones for construction and repair work in his article, “The use of drones in construction.”


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