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For years, Ohio’s manufacturing industry has operated as a powerful force both locally and globally. Bricker & Eckler understands this vital role, but we also recognize the changes taking place in the industry—and we know how to handle them. With strong knowledge and experience, our firm provides a broad range of manufacturing legal services that cover the spectrum of our clients’ needs. 

At Bricker & Eckler, we look toward the future of manufacturing and are prepared to help you identify issues, prevent problems and resolve challenges of the evolving...

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Types of Clients We Represent

  • Alternative energy / advanced energy manufacturers
  • Automated assembly manufacturers
  • Automobile parts manufacturers
  • Battery pack technology manufacturers
  • Building materials manufacturers
  • Durable goods manufacturers
  • Energy & technology manufacturers
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Material handling systems manufacturers
  • Medical supply manufacturers
  • Metal manufacturers
  • Packaged consumer goods manufacturers
  • Petroleum chemical manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Plastics manufacturers
  • Recycling manufacturers

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