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    Friday, September 22, 2017
    CBA Acronyms of Ohio Oil and Gas Law: The MTA, FERC, NGLs, RUMAs and More

    Join the Columbus Bar Association and Bricker attorneys for an OIl & Gas CLE event on September 22nd!

    3.0 CLE Hours
    Pricing: M: $135/$150 • NM: $185/$200 • P/Non Attorney: $105/$120
    CLE Easy Pass Eligible

    The Ohio Marketable Title Act: Landowner’s last hope or outdated law?

    While the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision in Corban v. Chesapeake eliminated one mechanism whereby surface owners could reunite the mineral and surface estates, surface owners and their attorneys have since been searching for alternative means to extinguish severed oil and gas interests. One of the potential remedies is the Ohio Marketable Title Act. However, given the broad nature of the OMTA, questions remain unanswered.  In light of the enactment of the Dormant Mineral Act in 1989, is the OMTA still valid remedy? If so, what are the potential issues with its application?

    Presenters: Craig Sweeney & Aaron Bruggeman

    Legal Issues Relating to FERC-Regulated Pipelines in Ohio

    This hour of the program will focus on legal issues that arise when a FERC-regulated pipeline is sited on property in Ohio.  We will address issues ranging from appraisals and survey access to federal eminent domain/condemnation proceedings under the Natural Gas Act.

    Presenters: Jen Flint & Dan Gerken

    Road Use Maintenance Agreements (RUMAs)

    In this session, we will examine the evolution of RUMAs, their legal basis, and best practices for drafting them.

    Presenter: Doug Shevelow

    Creative Solutions to Mineral Title Issues

    This session will offer a look into some traditional and not-so-traditional methods for dealing with some of the most common mineral title issues.

    Presenter: Chris Furey

    Columbus Bar Association
    175 South Third Street
    Suite 1100
    Columbus, OH 43215
    9:00 AM to 12:15 PM