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    Thursday, August 17, 2017
    Webinar: Holding Individuals Accountable:The Yates Memo and Recent OIG and DOJ Compliance Guidance

    The presentation will address the guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Justice on September 9, 2015, for the prosecution of individuals involved in corporate fraud and other misconduct, as well as recent OIG and DOJ guidance.

    The presenters will:

    • Identify the key steps outlined in the Yates Memo for DOJ attorneys to follow for the prosecution of individuals when investigating corporate fraud and abuse.

    • Discuss recent DOJ enforcement actions under the Yates Memo against executives and directors of health care organizations.

    • Review recent guidance issued by the OIG and DOJ regarding compliance programs, focusing on points relevant to executives and directors.

    • Recommend best practices for health care providers and their executives and directors to comply with the new OIG guidance and the DOJ guidelines for individual accountability.

    12:00 PM to 1:00 PM