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COVID-19 Resource Center: Litigation

COVID-19 Resource Center: Litigation

    Bricker’s commercial litigators advise businesses, insurance companies, health care providers and employers on disputes that have emerged during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

    Delayed production, stay at home orders, employee sickness and insolvent counter-parties are prompting a wave of new claims. In addition to responding to daily regulatory changes, evolving supply chain challenges and unexpected business interruptions, our litigators advise clients in planning ahead to manage long-term disputes.

    Our multidisciplinary team advises clients in various sectors on the disputes that are arising daily or that may only emerge once quarantine ends.

    We provide coronavirus-related counsel on:


    • Coverage disputes
    • Business interruption
    • Bad faith claims and breaches of contract
    • Class action defense


    • Supply chain disputes arising when one party constitutes essential infrastructure but its counter-party doesn’t
    • Delays in production or supply
    • Disputes over indemnity
    • Disputes over force majeure

    Commercial Real Estate

    • Disputes over loans, commercial leases and impracticability defenses
    • Disputes over force majeure terms


    • Forced business closures
    • Work safety concerns
    • Sick leave and accommodation requests
    • Disability
    • Discrimination
    • Wage and hour
    • Workers' compensation
    • OSHA and ERISA claims

    Health Care

    • Medical negligence
    • Wrongful death claims