Industries & Practices

Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities

    We give administrators the legal tools they need to build and sustain thriving campuses. 

    Our skilled team of lawyers effectively manages both common and unique legal challenges today’s colleges and universities face. For decades, we’ve built lasting partnerships with numerous higher education clients, providing solutions that allow them to focus on their educational missions.

    Institutional governance, nonprofit exempt status, educational services, Title IX, and campus preservation and expansion are just a few of the matters our attorneys frequently address.

    Types of clients we represent:

    • State universities
    • Independent colleges and universities
    • Community colleges
    • Non-traditional education providers
    • Career/technical schools

    Areas of Focus

    Education Law

    We partner with higher education administrators to help them understand and comply federal and state laws related to civil rights, disabilities, collective bargaining, campus safety and more. Our attorneys frequently handle statutory and constitutional issues, such as access to student records, student discipline, student civil rights and discrimination. We also assist with accreditation disputes, governance issues and other concerns unique to institutions of higher education.


    Title IX & Sexual Misconduct

    Due to the Department of Education’s recent spotlight on the Clery Act pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Title IX, we help administrators protect their employees and students in the areas of sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, athletic discrimination and more. Our team is experienced in Title IX and sexual misconduct proceedings, and we work with educational institutions to prevent violations and handle these cases effectively. Visit our Title IX Resource Center >>

    Employment & Labor

    From providing guidance on executive and faculty compensation to assisting with union negotiations, our employment attorneys collaborate with our education team to build proactive plans and creative solutions for administrators. 


    Public Finance

    We work with higher education leaders to provide viable options for their institution’s development. For many years, we have served as bond counsel in numerous higher education financings for large public universities, private colleges and universities, and community colleges. Our experience specifically includes tax-exempt bond financings, taxable financings for private-use facilities, post-issuance compliance, bank financing and construction loans.



    We represent public and private higher education institutions on all aspects of construction projects — from the preparation of contract documents through litigation, when necessary. Our experience includes multiple prime contractor, general contractor, construction manager at risk and design-build delivery models that are now available to public as well as private institutions. 



    Whether the solution is an aggressive motion practice, mediation, arbitration or trial by jury, our goal is to deliver results while preserving resources and protecting the relationships that help institutions succeed. Some of the common areas in which we practice include discrimination, harassment, date-rape, wrongful expulsion, toxic mold liability and ERISA. 


    Real Estate

    We understand the pressure for colleges and universities to preserve, expand and modernize their campus facilities. Our real estate team assists educational clients in obtaining bank financing and construction loans, acquiring real estate, zoning variances and conservation easements, and handling eminent domain and appropriation actions. 


    Intellectual Property

    Our attorneys work with institutions to protect trademark, copyright, internet, domain name, unfair competition, joint venture and corporate intellectual property rights. We also help institutions acquire and license proprietary assets and technology. 


    Government Relations

    Our team of lawyer-lobbyists frequently advocate legal changes on behalf of higher education institutions. We constantly monitor legislative activity for issues impacting higher ed and help our college and university clients take advantage of legislative and regulatory opportunities.