Industries & Practices

eDiscovery & Information Governance

eDiscovery & Information Governance

    We are locally and nationally recognized for providing innovative, cost effective, technology based solutions to complex legal issues.

    Our Litigation Support department provides advanced technology solutions to e-Discovery, information governance and privacy needs with a focus on security, defensibility and controlling overall eDiscovery costs across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) through advanced analytics and processing workflows.

    We provide a broad range of services from litigation-readiness, document and information management, custom application development as well as traditional eDiscovery services. Our team of attorneys and technology professionals are dedicated to providing personalized solutions through the use of state-of-the-art technologies.


    Bricker & Eckler uses Relativity as a platform that offers our clients a variety of services, including:

    1. Managing legal holds
    2. Organizing data to make early case assessments and investigations more efficient
    3. Processing large amounts of data for review
    4. Reviewing and managing discovery/e-discovery
    5. Providing data analytics
    6. Developing case strategy and reviewing evidence
    7. Developing customized applications for complex legal matters

    Areas of Focus

    Information Governance

    We handle getting your electronic house in order to mitigate risk and expenses should e-discovery become an issue, from initial creation of ESI (electronically stored information) through its final disposition. Our team assists clients in implementing comprehensive data management policies and protocols, including legal hold and data retention policies, to protect against risk and drive cost savings.

    Preservation & Collection

    We work with our clients’ internal IT to assist with identification of potential sources of ESI and determine its scope, breadth and depth. Our team assists with implementation of proper controls to ensure that ESI is protected against inappropriate alteration or destruction. We focus collections to only relevant data and utilize collection tools to maintain metadata and chain of custody.

    Processing & Analysis

    Our clients rely on us to help reducing the volume of ESI through advanced analytics and evaluate ESI for content and context, including key patterns, topics, people and discussion.


    Our use of cutting-edge review platform Relativity coupled with highly experienced project managers and analysts assists clients in driving efficiency, accuracy and insight.


    We assist clients with implementation of comprehensive quality control protocols to ensure confidentiality and privilege concerns are addressed and ensure production deadlines and goals are met. Our clients rely on our deep experience and knowledge surrounding proper production of ESI in appropriate forms and using appropriate delivery mechanisms.


    Our team has experience displaying ESI before audiences (at depositions, hearings, trials, etc.), especially in native and near-native forms.