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    Special Ed Connection article quotes Davis on possible upcoming changes to Title IX

    While the U.S. Education Department (ED) has announced plans to propose amendments to its regulations implementing Title IX to address sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination, Bricker & Eckler senior attorney Kate Vivian Davis said the current legal landscape hasn’t changed for educational institutions. Davis, who frequently partners with both K-12 and higher education institutions on Title IX and civil rights issues, was quoted in a recent article in Special Ed Connection discussing the announcement and its potential impact.

    The Fall 2021 Unified Agenda and Regulatory Plan, published December 10, “states ED anticipates issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking by April 2022,” earlier than the May 2022 date announced in the Spring 2021 Unified Agenda. In the article, Davis said the announcement “tells us that change is coming, but that for at least the remainder of this school year, and likely longer, schools should be focused on following the current regulations and policies.” She encouraged schools “to continue making sure their policies are compliant and training their staff on Title IX” while keeping an eye on the forthcoming Notice of Proposed Rule Making.

    The full article is available here.