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    Bricker Briefs (Buckeye Association of School Administrators)

    The list of publications below serves as an archive of articles that were originally printed as a “Bricker Briefs” and distributed to BASA (Buckeye Association of School Administrators) members.

    Potential liability and defenses related to COVID-19 for public educational institutions - August 2020

    A new Supreme Court case makes EdChoice challenges more difficult - August 2020

    Salary threshold changes could make more school district employees eligible for overtime pay - December 2019

    Webinar recap: Hot Topics in Education - March 2019

    When immigration and customs enforcement comes to your school - October 2018

    Janus v. AFSCME: United States Supreme Court declares "fair share fee" unconstitutional - July 2018

    Threats of violence and school walk-outs: A district's legal considerations - February 2018

    DOL Reinstates Coach Guidance - February 2018

    Tax levy resolutions must include new information, new procedures - November 2017

    USDOE warns K-12 schools about ransom attacks - November 2017

    Court allows multiple redactions from W-2s sought by union - August 2017

    Ohio Supreme Court OK’s book bag search rule - July 2017

    Trump Administration Pulls Back Transgender Interpretations - February 2017

    Governor signs grab bag of education-related amendments during "lame duck" session - October 2016

    New overtime regulations halted by eleventh-hour federal court decision - September 2016

    Federal court issues injunction against USDOE transgender policy  - August 2016

    ESSA brings major changes to education of children in foster care - July 2016

    New overtime rules for "White Collar" employees could affect nonlicensed supervisors - June 2016

    Federal government issues strong pronouncement to all public schools on Transgender Student Rights - May 2016

    Ohio Supreme Court says board member use of e-mails may violate Sunshine Law - April 2016

    Federal court upholds two-year limit on medical leave of absence - March 2016

    Deadline nears for school districts to participate in property tax valuation appeals - February 2016

    Tax exemption available on school property used for non-school purposes - January 2016

    New legislation affecting employment applications: “Ban the Box" - June 2015

    Office for Civil Rights settles Illinois transgender locker room access case - May 2015

    Federal court rejects Title IX restroom access claim of transgender student - April 2015

    Board resolution required for middle school career tech waiver - March 2015

    State Auditor seeks Ohio Elections Commission jurisdiction over levy info complaints - February 2015

    Criminal background check law upheld against challenge by nonteaching employees  - January 2015

    Ohio Supreme Court finds inside millage transfer unjustified - May 2014

    Ohio Attorney General provides guidance on “self-supporting” students  - April 2014

    OTES allows many teachers to choose their evaluator - March 2014

    E-cigarette bill passes in Ohio - February 2014

    Unilateral implementation of new evaluation policy not an unfair labor practice - January 2014