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    Special Education Training Videos

    Are you looking for memorable and informative special education training?

    Bricker & Eckler's team of education attorneys bring special education issues to life through informative and entertaining training videos. Each video depicts a special education team meeting involving challenging legal issues and common compliance blunders. Through the leadership of the district representative and the narrator comments, the videos illustrate effective — and not so effective — techniques and provide practical tips and guidance on how to avoid common legal mistakes.

    Unlike typical one-time professional development programs, these videos, as well as the supplemental materials available on our website, provide an ongoing resource to enhance your school’s training efforts and guide your education teams as they work on behalf of students with disabilities. They also enable your school district to bring cost-effective training directly to your educators on a schedule that best meets your district’s needs.

    Video 1: Mock IEP Meeting – “Is it Truancy…or Something Else?”
    When a mother requests an IEP team meeting to discuss concerns about her daughter’s troubling absences and school phobia, initially some school personnel are unsympathetic. Watch as our expert narrator guides you through the legal standards and provides practical guidance while our mock IEP team demonstrates how to properly address private evaluation reports, requests for private placement and related services, missteps by team members, and meeting conflicts.

    Video 2: Mock Manifestation Determination Review – “Siblings Behaving Badly”
    When a sister’s hallway drug deal goes bad, she sends a text message to her brother. He becomes agitated and assaults a teacher as he tries to leave class. Each sibling is identified as a student with a disability, but what discipline, if any, is appropriate? In this video, our narrator guides you through the legal standards and provides practical guidance while our mock IEP team demonstrates how to consider each student’s behavior and determine the appropriate procedures required under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

    Video 3: Mock Evaluation Team Meeting — “Eligibility: What CATegory Is Appropriate?”
    When a second grader’s disruptive behavior and cat obsession get out of hand, her mother requests an evaluation to determine if she is eligible for special education and related services. While meeting to discuss the evaluation results, the members of the team disagree about the student’s eligibility category. Watch as our mock evaluation team demonstrates how to review evaluation data and determine eligibility under the IDEA as our narrator provides practical guidance on the team’s missteps and how to address disagreement among team members.

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