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Election Law & Campaign Finance

Election Law & Campaign Finance

    We help clients effectively participate in the political process.

    Understanding that following election-related requirements is crucial, and failure to abide by the laws can be costly, our attorneys are up to date with all aspects of campaign finance and election laws at the local, state and federal level. From suggesting best practices to preparing and filing reports, we work with candidates, issue campaigns, parties, political action committees (PACs) and corporations to ensure they comply with the requirements.

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    Our attorneys have experience in the following, especially in Ohio:

    • Monitoring corporate involvement in political activity
    • Advising on political contribution limits, fundraising methods, and in-kind and independent expenditures
    • Interpreting registration, reporting, disclaimer and advertising requirements and prohibitions
    • Developing legal strategies for the promotion or defeat of issue ballots
    • Advising candidates for political office and state, local and national political parties and caucuses
    • Representing PACs, candidates and political parties before the Ohio Elections Commission (OEC) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC)
    • Preparing and soliciting requests for public and private advisory opinions regarding state and federal election laws
    • Ensuring pay-to-play compliance