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    Ohio Ethics Commission Releases Guidance on Revolving Door Laws and Financial Disclosure Obligations

    As a result of changes in Ohio’s public retirement system plans, more state and local government employees than ever before will be retiring from public service and many will transition into the private sector.

    If your company is considering hiring a former public employee, be aware that although an employee retires from government, they are not exempt from the Ohio revolving door laws. Some former public employees will also have a continuing financial disclosure obligation. The Ohio Ethics Commission recently issued guidance for current and former public employees about these issues. The guidance is also useful and pertinent for any private sector employer of a former public employee.

    The Ohio Ethics Commission guidance on these issues can be found on the Ohio Ethics Commission website. For more information about how the Ohio ethics laws impact your private sector business, please contact Maria Armstrong.

    This is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be legal advice and does not create or imply an attorney-client relationship.

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