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    HIPAA Regulations: General Provisions: Definitions: Standard - § 160.103

    As Contained in the HHS HIPAA Rules


    HHS Regulations as Amended January 2013
    General Provisions: Definitions - Standard - § 160.103


    Standard means a rule, condition, or requirement:

    (1) Describing the following information for products, systems, services, or practices:

    (i) Classification of components;

    (ii) Specification of materials, performance, or operations; or

    (iii) Delineation of procedures; or

    (2) With respect to the privacy of protected health information.


    HHS Description
    General Provisions: Definitions - Standard


    This definition was adopted in the Transactions Rule and we have modified it to make it clearer. We also add language reflecting section 264 of the statute, to clarify that the standards adopted by this rule meet this definition.