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    HIPAA Regulations: General Provisions - Definitions - Transaction - § 160.103

    As Contained in the HHS HIPAA Rules


    HHS Regulations
    General Provisions: Definitions - Transaction - § 160.103


    Transaction means the transmission of information between two parties to carry out financial or administrative activities related to health care. It includes the following types of information transmissions:

    1. Health care claims or equivalent encounter information.

    2. Health care payment and remittance advice.

    3. Coordination of benefits.

    4. Health care claim status.

    5. Enrollment and disenrollment in a health plan.

    6. Eligibility for a health plan.

    7. Health plan premium payments.

    8. Referral certification and authorization.

    9. First report of injury.

    10. Health claims attachments.

    11. Other transactions that the Secretary may prescribe by regulation.


    HHS Description
    General Provisions: Definitions - Transaction


    We change the term “exchange” to the term “transmission” in the definition of Transaction to clarify that these transactions may be one-way communications.