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    Anxiety and autism voted down: Not added as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana

    On August 14, 2019, the State Medical Board of Ohio Medical Marijuana Expert Review Committee (the Committee) unanimously voted against adding anxiety and autism spectrum disorder to the list of qualifying conditions for treatment with medical marijuana, reversing its decision from three months ago.

    The Committee had previously voted to recommend adding the two conditions to the list of qualifying conditions back in May, but the Committee delayed implementation of that decision when they welcomed two new members in June. Recently, the Committee heard from medical professionals on both sides of the issue and became concerned about the lack of medical consensus, given that Ohio law does not allow for removal of a condition from the list of qualifying conditions once the condition is added.

    The petition process for considering new qualifying conditions will begin again in November 2019.

    Additionally, the Board of Pharmacy announced July numbers for the state medical marijuana program. Ohio currently has 53,082 registered patients, 50,623 recommendations issued, and 30,284 unique patient purchases. Expectations are for all three numbers to continue to grow. 

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