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    CHNA requirements notice #4: State encourages selection of evidence-based strategies from SHIP

    The State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) will be released by early 2017, again in 2019 and every three years thereafter. The SHIP will identify state health need priorities and strategies to address each health need priority. These SHIP strategies will be identified by using evidence based population health strategies and soliciting input from a broad range of stakeholders. As local health departments and tax-exempt hospitals align their Community Health Assessment (CHA)/Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)/Implementation Strategy (IS), they should select a minimum of one of the strategies identified in the SHIP to implement as an action plan for each selected health need priority aligned from the SHIP.

    In developing the IS, Ohio tax-exempt hospitals should include at least one of the SHIP strategies or actions to address each health need priority chosen from the SHIP. For each action, the IS should describe the anticipated impact, hospital resources employed to address the health need and collaborating partners in addressing the health need. Hospitals are not limited to implementing only the action chosen from the SHIP; other actions can be identified to address the health need.

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