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    CHNA requirements notice #5: State encourages partnerships in conducting the CHNA

    At a minimum, local health departments and Ohio tax-exempt hospitals must collaborate at the county level. For those departments and hospitals with shared populations, all should collaborate to conduct one community health assessment that can be shared among all collaborating partners. While local health departments and tax-exempt hospitals have varying requirements in assessing the health needs of the community, all should commit to the process even though some steps may not be applicable to “your” assessment.

    Local health departments and tax-exempt hospitals should partner to lead the assessment process. The State Health Assessment (SHA)/State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) should be used as a source of information about Ohio’s population health priorities. It is recommended that the MAPP Framework be used during the assessment and planning process. In addition, the state recommends that the conceptual model used for the SHA/SHIP also be used for the local assessment process. While local health departments and tax-exempt hospitals may have differing plans (Community Health Improvement Plan/Implementation Strategy), the planning process and identified strategies aligned to the SHIP will be common areas where you can collaborate in addressing each aligned health need.

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