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    OARRA opioid rules

    Make sure your prescribers are in compliance with OARRS opioid prescription rules

    As prescribers around Ohio are no doubt aware, new laws became effective April 1, 2015, that instituted a number of new requirements on prescribers relative to the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS). These new requirements specifically involve prescribing opioids and related drugs. An information sheet from The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy details the requirements related to OARRS.

    Recently, the various prescriber licensing bodies in Ohio (The State of Ohio Medical Board, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy and the State of Ohio Board of Nursing) have begun issuing broadly-worded communications to their respective licensed individuals regarding compliance with these requirements. The boards appear to be most concerned with systemic or significant non-compliance but also want technical non-compliance corrected, as well.

    Prescribers and organizations employing or contracting with prescribers should take proactive steps to verify that all personnel are complying with the OARRS requirements, even absent the receipt of communication from a licensing board.

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