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    Medical professionals required to report suspected elder abuse, neglect or exploitation

    Effective September 29, 2018, medical professionals in Ohio, including physicians and nurses, are required to report suspected elder abuse, neglect or exploitation. Ohio Revised Code 5101.63, which creates a duty to report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults, was revised to include medical professionals. Medical professionals failing to report abuse can be criminally charged or fined up to $500.

    This change to the Revised Code was made in an attempt to protect the “fastest-growing segment of Ohio’s population,” according to Director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) Cynthia Dungey. “This expansion of mandatory reporters will help us in our goal of protecting our vulnerable family members, friends and neighbors from harm,” Dungey said.

    ODJFS released a guide, “Understanding Elder Abuse: A Guide for Medical Professionals,” intended to inform medical professionals about their new obligations under the law, the signs of elder abuse and how to spot them, and how to appropriately report suspected elder abuse to the county department of jobs and family services.

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