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    Federal Hospice Regulations: Section-by-Section

    Eligibility, Election and Duration of Benefits

    418.20 Eligibility Requirements

    418.21 Election Periods

    418.21 Certification of Terminal Illness

    418.24 Election of Hospice Care

    418.25 Admission to Hospice Care

    418.26 Discharge from Hospice Care

    418.28 Revoking Election

    418.30 Change of Designated Hospice

    Conditions of Participation: Patient Care

    418.52 Patient’s Rights

    418.54 Initial and Comprehensive Assessment of the Patient

    418.56 Interdisciplinary Group, Care Planning, and Coordination of Services

    418.58 Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement

    418.60 Infection Control

    418.62 Licensed Professional Services

    418.64 Core Services

    418.66 Nursing Services

    418.70 Furnishing of Non-Core Services

    418.72 Physical, Occupation, and Speech-Language Pathology

    418.74 Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, and Dietary Counseling

    418.76 Hospice Aide and Homemaker Services

    418.78 Volunteers

    Conditions of Participation: Organizational Environment

    418.100 Organization and Administration of Services

    418.102 Medical Director

    418.104 Clinical Records

    418.106 Drugs and Biologicals, Medical Supplies, and Durable Medical Equipment

    418.108 Short-Term Inpatient Care

    418.110 Hospices that Provide Inpatient Care Directly

    418.112 Hospices that Provide Hospice care to Residents of a SNF/NF or ICF/IID

    418.114 Personnel Qualifications

    418.116 Compliance with Laws Related to Health and Safety of Patients

    Covered Services

    418.200 Requirements for Coverage

    418.202 Covered Services

    418.204 Special Coverage Requirements

    418.205 Special Requirements of Hospice Pre-Election Evaluation and Counseling Services

    Payment for Hospice Care

    418.301 Basic Rules

    418.302 Payment Procedures for Hospice Care

    418.304 Payment for Physician and Nurse Practitioner Services

    418.306 Annual Update of Payment Rates and Adjustment for Area Wage Differences

    418.307 Periodic Interim Payments

    418.308 Limitation on the Amount of Hospice Payments

    418.309 Hospice Aggregate Cap

    418.310 Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements

    418.311 Administrative Appeals

    418.312 Data Submission Requirements under the Quality Reporting Program


    418.400 Individual Liability for Coinsurance for Hospice Care

    418.402 Individual Liability for Services Not Considered Hospice Care

    418.405 Effect of Coinsurance Liability on Medicare Payment