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    State Hospice Statute & Regulations: Section-by-Section

    Ohio Revised Code: Hospice Care

    The Ohio Hospice Statute  

    Ohio Administrative Code: Hospice Care Programs

    3701-19-01 Definitions

    3701-19-02 Applicability of Licensure Requirements

    3701-19-03 Initial Licensure Application Process, Renewal of License, Change of Ownership License

    3701-19-04 Issuance, Denial, Transfer, Suspension, and Revocation of Licenses

    3701-19-05 Inspections

    3701-19-06 Governing Body; Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement

    3701-19-07 General Requirements for Hospice Care Programs after Licensure

    3701-19-08 Standards for Inpatient Hospice Facilities

    3701-19-09 General Requirements for Hospice Care Program Personnel

    3701-19-10 Medical Directors

    3701-19-11 Interdisciplinary Team & Interdisciplinary Plan of Care

    3701-19-12 Contracted Services

    3701-19-13 Volunteer Services

    3701-19-14 Nursing Services

    3701-19-15 Medical Social Services

    3701-19-16 Home Care Services

    3701-19-17 Medical Services

    3701-19-18 Counseling and Bereavement Services

    3701-19-19 Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Services

    3701-19-20 Admission of Patients

    3701-19-21 Medical Supplies, Drugs, and Biologicals

    3701-19-22 Short-Term Inpatient Care; Standards and Services

    3701-19-23 Central Clinical Record

    3701-19-24 Variances and Waivers

    Ohio Administrative Code: Medicaid Hospice Program

    5160-56-01 Definitions

    5160-56-02 Eligibility and Election Requirements

    5160-56-03 Discharge Requirements

    5160-56-03.3 Reporting Requirements

    5160-56-04 Provider Requirements

    5160-56-05 Covered Services

    5160-56-06 Reimbursement