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    2015 Cybersecurity Seminar

    Cybersecurity Hot Topics: What Leaders Need to Know Now

    On October 6, 2015, leaders from a variety of industries gathered to discuss the hottest issues in cybersecurity. Speakers discussed cybersecurity technologies, policies, threats and strategies with respect to privacy, business protection and national security.

    Cybersecurity Quick Hits - Cybersecurity Trends
    Courter Shimeall, an associate within Bricker's Litigation group, discusses the latest cybersecurity news.


    Cybersecurity Quick Hits - The Role of the Board of Directors 
    Kevin Kinross, a partner in Bricker & Eckler's Business, Tax & Estates group, speaks on “The Role of the Board of Directors” when cybersecurity issues affect their organizations.


    Cybersecurity Quick Hits - Class Action Litigation Trends
    Drew Campbell, a partner within Bricker & Eckler's Litigation group, gives an overview of “Class Action Litigation Trends” in cybersecurity.


    Cybersecurity Quick Hits - Financial Services Risk Assessment Tools
    David Stein, chair of Bricker & Eckler's Consumer Financial Services group, provides insight into “Financial Services Risk Assessment Tools” that can be used to bolster cybersecurity.


    Cybersecurity Quick Hits - Responsibilities of Third Parties to Protect Confidential Student Information
    Warren Grody, senior attorney within Bricker & Eckler's Education group, discusses the “Responsibilities of Third Parties to Protect Confidential Student Information” against cybersecurity breaches.


    Data Breach Response - Data Breach Incident Response
    Greg Krabacher, senior counsel within Bricker & Eckler's Litigation group, presents an informative flow-chart on “Data Breach Incident Response.”


    Cybersecurity Quick Hits - Preventative and Detective Controls 
    Steve Early, Senior Manager at Schneider Downs, a certified public accounting and business advisory firm, shares how to minimize data breach risk through "Preventative and Detective Controls."


    Data Breach Response - Public Relations in a Cyber Crisis
    Sandra Harbrecht, President of Paul Werth Associates, gives tips on responding to a data breach in “Public Relations in a Cyber Crisis.”


    Data Breach Response - Data Breach Overview
    Blasé Janov, Director of Business Development for Vestige Digital Investigating, presents “Data Breach Overview,” sharing his experiences with preventing and responding to data breach.


    Data Breach Response - Cyber Attacks and Data Security Breaches
    Mark Storts, Assistant General Counsel for Nationwide, presents “Cyber Attacks and Data Security Breaches.”