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    Ohio Public Sector Legislation 2019-2020

    Pending and Enacted in the 133rd Ohio General Assembly
    Current through January 15, 2019

    Listed below are the bills affecting local governments that are pending or were enacted in the 133rd Ohio General Assembly which opened in January 2019 and will conclude in December 2020.

    We include links to the full text of the legislation which include the most recently available analysis from the Ohio Legislative Service Commission. The bills are listed by number from the most recently introduced to the earliest with House bills listed first, followed by Senate bills.

    View live coverage of Ohio House and Senate sessions

    You can also use Find A Bill Online with the Ohio General Assembly Bills On-Line website to locate bills by number, keyword, or sponsor.

    Use Find Your Legislator with the Ohio General Assembly On-Line website to locate your particular legislator by name, district or zip code.

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