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    Expiring check

    BWC rebate checks made to Ohio employers set to expire this October

    According to the BWC, more than 5,500 employers have an estimated $10.8 million in uncashed checks that will expire in the coming weeks. The first wave of BWC rebate checks made to employers will expire on October 3, 2018, and all outstanding checks will expire by October 24, 2018

    These rebate checks are part of another “Billion Back” rebate program that the BWC unrolled earlier this year as a result of healthy investments, falling claim numbers and prudent fiscal management. Employers may use these rebate checks as they choose, but the BWC encourages employers to use the funds to hire new employees, grow their businesses or invest in safety measures.

    If an employer chooses not to cash their rebate check, the value will be credited to its BWC account for any outstanding balances. Then a new check will be issued for any remaining credits on the account. 

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