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    Bass named to Creative Living board of trustees

    Real estate attorney Nick Bass was recently named to the board of trustees at Creative Living, where he will utilize his experience in multi-family housing, low income tax credits and more to further Creative Living’s mission. In their press release, Bob Overs, Executive Director for Creative Living, stated, “[w]e are so pleased to have Nick join our board…and feel strongly about the immediate value he will add to our organization. As we strategically plan for the future, his experience in multi-family housing, leadership, problem solving and diversity and inclusion will benefit us greatly.”

    Creative Living is a non-profit organization that provides affordable, accessible housing for disabled individuals who want to further their personal development and contribute to their community. Founded in 1974, Creative Living provided a solution to a housing dilemma for individuals who required some assistance but otherwise wanted to live independently. They currently operate two apartment complexes outside of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.