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    Bricker CIO shares benefits of iManage relationship

    A law firm that is known for its commitment to innovation – both for employees and for clients – Bricker continues to be a leader in adopting cutting-edge technology solutions for its operations. Additionally, as demonstrated by the firm’s 2019 “bricker2gather” event, Bricker is both participating in and initiating opportunities to collaborate with technology resource providers and help vendors better understand the unique needs and goals of the business.

    One of these relationships, with iManage, a leading document management and data security service provider, was highlighted in a recent press release and featured on several online platforms. Bricker CIO Sam Shipley describes how iManage’s Cloud service has provided significant benefits for the firm. He states that “iManage Cloud removes the burden of upgrading, managing servers, and rolling out updates. We are able to benefit from rapid innovation and train our teams with greater efficiency.” Bricker is one 3,500 global customers for the application, which strives to consistently provide smart and powerful data tools within the legal industry.