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    Bricker Graydon IRA Resource Center Now Updated

    Federal energy policy is making many new incentives available for local governments, tax-exempt organizations, and private businesses to assist with financing and constructing clean energy-related assets. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), enacted in 2022, expanded the set of clean energy-related asset categories that are now being directly subsidized by the federal government via tax credits, deductions, allocations, and direct payments.

    Visit the newly updated Bricker Graydon IRA Resource Center for additional information related to the Inflation Reduction Act and how it directly affects specific industries including:

    • Local Government Tailored Incentives Available Under the IRA
    • Key Incentives Available Under the IRA for Local Governments Investing in Green, Energy-Related Assets
    • Energy and Climate Tax Credits for the Health Care Sector
    • IRS Releases Guidance on Elective Payments
    • 179D Resource Guides
      • A Guide for the Construction of New Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings
      • A Guide for Energy Efficient Retrofitting of Commercial Buildings

    Additional Insights:

    • Inflation Reduction Act: Federal Incentives for Public Entities for Clean Energy Improvements
    • Inflation Reduction Act (IRA): Advanced Manufacturing Product Credit – A Cheat Sheet
    • Inflation Reduction Act: Direct Payments to Nonprofits and Political Subdivisions for Clean Energy Projects