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    Bricker unveils front door mural by local artist as part of #ArtUnitesCbus initiative

    Plywood covering the front door of Bricker & Eckler’s historic Columbus office is now a work of art, thanks to local artist Lee Ann Lander and the #ArtUnitesCbus initiative. The plywood was originally installed to seal broken glass, damage sustained during one of several downtown protests that took place in response to George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, the covering serves as one of many works of art decorating downtown businesses, all of which share our collective support of peaceful protests for racial equality, and a message of hope, unity and freedom among the city’s diverse populations.

    #ArtUnitesCbus was launched by CAPA and the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) to employ Columbus-based visual artists to paint murals on the boarded-up windows of downtown businesses. The initiative seeks to not only beautify the downtown community but also to address the issues of inequality and injustice through art. Importantly, the murals are meant to spark hope and light in the community, while supporting the work of local muralists.

    After GCAC leadership called on Columbus businesses to join the #ArtUnitesCbus movement, Bricker was eager to get on board. The firm hired visual artist Lee Ann Lander to create a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by recent events and Bricker’s growing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. According to the artist, the mural represents the beauty that takes place when a color blends with another color. She says that “just as these colors are stunning when they blend, we should be thinking about blending ourselves just enough to not lose ourselves. These colors overlapping with one another tends to get a little chaotic and uncomfortable. Understanding this concept is so important as we continue to explore diversity, equity and inclusion. When we blend and work together, we can make something unforgettable.”

    Columbus residents are encouraged to come downtown to view the artworks on display, including Bricker’s mural, which will be visible through mid-July. After, the mural will be relocated and permanently on display inside the building.