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    Law360 lists Bricker as “Ceiling Smasher” and “Top Law Firm” for high representation of women

    In its annual report, Law360 identified progress being made in law firms’ representation of women within their partnerships. While the growth of female presence within the “upper echelons of the legal profession” has been slow, law schools and nonpartner law firm roles continue to see at or above 50 percent female representation. Industry-wide, law firms had an average of 21 percent female ownership in 2018 – well below equal representation. However, some firms are shattering this glass ceiling.

    Law360’s “The Ceiling Smashers” list (subscription required) ranks firms with the highest representation of women within the firm’s partnership, based on firm size. With between 150-299 attorneys, Bricker is listed ninth in its category, having above-average 29.1 percent female ownership. Additionally, Law 360’s “Top Law Firms for Women” list (subscription required) ranks firms with higher representation of women than their peers. Bricker & Eckler is tied in sixth place among similar-sized firms for the Bricker’s high percentage of female nonpartner and partner attorneys.

    In the firm’s widespread commitment to diversity and inclusion, Bricker & Eckler continues to invest in female talent, both within the firm and in the industry. Not only are many of the firm’s highest leadership positions held by women, but Bricker continues to enhance its environment to ensure women are compensated fairly and are granted equal opportunities. Likewise, the firm’s Women In Networking group serves as a longstanding initiative to celebrate and encourage the talents, attributes and experiences that women attorneys bring to the firm.