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    Advanced Energy Economy Ohio testifies in support of state’s energy efficiency standard

    As the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee continues its review of the state energy efficiency standard, Advanced Energy Economy Ohio (AEE Ohio) made the case for its preservation during a panel discussion to defend the laws' economic and ratepayer benefits.

    On Tuesday, April 9, 2013, Susan Tierney, a Boston-based energy consultant who served as Assistant Secretary for Policy at the U.S. Department of Energy, filed testimony before the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee on behalf of AEE Ohio. AEE Ohio was also represented on a panel of witnesses in front of the committee by Go Sustainable Energy CEO John Seryak.

    AEE Ohio testified that the energy efficiency targets adopted in S.B. 221 are still relevant; that Ohio fits the mold of states where experts think there are economic gains to be achieved through increased investment in cost-effective energy efficiency; and that continuation of Ohio's energy efficiency requirements is compatible with the state's goals to develop its natural gas resources.

    AEE Ohio works to influence public policy, foster advanced energy innovation and business growth, and provide a unified voice for a strong U.S. advanced energy industry.

    Other parties serving on the panel or filing testimony include:

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